Convert your Phone In to a Business Centre with ScanR

Juggling meeting and administrative work at the office can be a tough task, you may very often end up sacrificing a lot of important tasks simply because you could not send a fax on time. However, now with advancements in technology you can convert your phone into a full fledged business centre with a free

MaxEmail Internet Fax and Voicemail Message

If you are one of those persons who have been wishing to do away with the fax machine and paper business and moving to greener pastures, then free online fax service is something you should take a good look at. Free online fax software has been in vogue for some years now, and with every

How To Send Fax From iPhone For Free

Are you aware that you may use your own iPhone to deliver and receive faxes? In the recent years, several fax businesses have started building unique applications that can turn our iPhones into digital fax machines. Learn the best way to take action free of charge! The First Step. To begin with we need to