Convert your Phone In to a Business Centre with ScanR

Juggling meeting and administrative work at the office can be a tough task, you may very often end up sacrificing a lot of important tasks simply because you could not send a fax on time. However, now with advancements in technology you can convert your phone into a full fledged business centre with a free online fax software like ScanR for your mobile. ScanR can be used for printing, scanning and sending online faxes from wherever you are.

1) Send faxes while travelling: You do not have to rush back to the office to send a fax at that very moment, all you have to do is click a photo of the document that you wish to fax and upload it through the ScanR software. Once your file is uploaded it will be digitally scanned by the amazing software and it can be downloaded as a text file or a PDF. Once this process is completed you can use it to send it as a free fax online absolutely anywhere in the world.

2) Imaging Process: One very important advantage of using ScanR is that it makes use of an advanced image processing which ensures that the photographs that are taken even with your phone camera are detailed and do not lose out on important details because of shadows, low lighting etc.

3) Store documents online: With ScanR you can be sure that you do not misplace your scanned documents and you can easily store them online so that they can be used when you need them to send them through the free fax software online or through your mobile phone.

4) SMS and Email Support: ScanR, the free online fax software is truly impressive as it has an in built feature that allows you to send free faxes online through your device to more than 90 countries through SMS or Email.

5) Easy Installation: Getting the ScanR software to your device is extremely simple and will hardly take you a few minutes to get it started so that you can enjoy the freedom you deserve by sending free faxes online. All you have to do to get this free fax software is log on to the website, go to the homepage and choose to GET ScanR NOW. Once you enter your mobile phone number and get an instant message, use the instructions you receive to go ahead and download and then install the free fax software.

There are a number of online fax software in the market, while some come with a hefty price tag, others like ScanR are free and provide equal amounts of efficiency. The free online fax software indeed has a number of advantages and is very beneficial for every business. It is compatible with the following mobile phones:

1)      iPhone

2)     The Blackberry Curve, Storm, Tour and 8900

3)    Android – HTC Hero, Motorola, Samsung Galaxy

4)     Nokia – E71, N82, N97, N95, S60 and N82

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