eFax – Internet Fax Service Which Sends Fax From Email

There has been a considerable transformation and advancement in the field of technology and communication which has done away with the need of fax machines and other related apparatus. Internet faxing has now provided the solution to all the hassles regarding faxing. One such online fax service provider is eFax. If you are, however, not sure whether to avail the free online fax service, then you can opt for a 30 day free trial and experience the joy of problem-free faxing anywhere anytime. eFax has remained a leader in internet fax service and solutions since 1995.

What does eFax require?

eFax does not require you to purchase any additional machine and there is no need of any additional software. You can, however, send free online fax which is not possible from a fax machine

How to Avail the Service?

To avail the eFax service, you have to register on its official site. Follow the instructions given and you can become a registered member. The moment you become a member you get the opportunity to send free online fax through the website very easily.

Advantages of efax Service

There is a good reason why eFax service is becoming so popular. There is no need for fax machines neither any maintenance cost. Moreover, opting for eFax would amount to saving time, money and paper and not to forget, the freedom you will get to send and receive fax from your house, office or even if you are travelling. eFax is certainly faster and so, convenient to use. When you use it you will be sure that the document has reached where it was meant for. The great thing is that you just need a computer and an internet connection and a copy of the document you want to send.

Cost of eFax

The eFax facility comes at a very low cost and the service is available at rates which are very reasonable. There are some special offers also, which you must be on the look out for, which is provided by various eFax service providers.

Steps to Use eFax

First of all, you will have to go to the website which provides eFax service and register there. Fill out the credentials required in the form by entering the details. After the process is complete, you can send fax to a sender. When a particular fax is sent you will get a message requiring verification. After the verification, the message is sent to the desired number.

Customer satisfaction

efax has a long list of satisfied customers, as the customer service provided, has been of the highest quality. The 11 million satisfied customers speak highly of the efax service which is available in 49 countries worldwide.

So, if you are a businessman and looking for ways to eliminate the use of fax machines and reduce the cost of fax from your establishment then the right choice would be to choose efax, which will enable you to send or receive fax easily to anyone and from anyone anywhere on the planet.

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