Efax (Mobile Phone Fax App) Download For Android And iPhone (Review)

Free fax application puts the energy of the fax machine directly on your Android phone, tablet, Or iPhone, Ipad. Obtain a free fax number in only minutes. You could get a fax free of charge immediately or subscribe to a totally free trial in our online fax plan to send faxes.

Are you some who have iPhone or iPad and wants to send fax online. Here we are with one of the reputed name in fax industry. eFax enables iOS customers to transmit and receive faxes on their apple iPhone or iPad. Once customers register using the application, they’ll get a devoted fax telephone number. The primary screen features everything customers want to get began. Tap around the Send Faxes button and kind in most the appropriate information. There is a cover page choice for individuals who would like to send one. When the needed details are joined, tap around the Give a File button to select a document or picture to transmit like a fax. Faxes could be produced using the iOS camera, cloud storage, or email accessories.

Received faxes are seen inside the app’s mailbox. Tapping around the fax opens up inside the application. The fax could be edited with the addition of text or perhaps a signature, or printed, faxed, or e-mailed from the viewing screen. The primary screen also includes a Sign Faxes button if iOS customers desire to sign them later. It’s easy to save a signed signature utilizing a finger or customers can type the signature in making use of the laptop keyboard. The final feature around the primary screen may be the eFax contacts section. Customers can produce a separate eFax address book or choose a message using their iOS device. This causes it to be simple to send faxes without needing to lookup amounts each time.


While eFax is free of charge to download, customers must be aware the free version has restrictions. Customers are only able to receive as much as 10 fax pages monthly, outgoing fax needed isn’t available, a fax number is at random designated, and there’s merely a one month fax storage within the eFax Message Center. The compensated version enables customers to transmit and receive faxes without page limits, choose their very own local or toll-free number, and store faxes online within the eFax center with lifetime fax storage. You will find two compensated versions: eFax Plus and eFax Professional. Have a yearly membership fee, fee every month, and setup fee. Prices could be seen here.


eFax app isn’t exactly upfront about these extra charges and also the compensated form of the application. I needed to perform some digging around online to discover all of this information. The disposable version is ideal for individuals who require to get a fax, but it isn’t well suited for anybody searching for a fax machine application packed with features unless of course they’re prepared to upgrade fully version. I am not sure I’d be prepared to pay for this type of high cost monthly to make use of the application thinking about I rarely send faxes and you will find better options available in my needs. For the time being, it’s worth exploring being an choice for anybody who hasn’t found a fax application yet that does suit them.

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