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The digital fax services have come as a rescuer to the business setups adapting to paperless working setups. These apps also help the users and companies to streamline and organize their modes of communication in a better way. There is no longer any need to use space consuming wire based fax machines at all. With these apps that run online the users can send fax messages using computers from literally anywhere in the world to other countries.

eVoice: Why you should choose it

There are several digital fax service providers in the web and it makes selecting the right one somewhat hard for the majority of users. However, those looking for such an online service without a steep learning curve can opt for eVoice, which was previously known as My1Voice.  It can be used by individual users or companies looking for faster way to send business information online without resorting to telephone wires. With this fax service, the security of data is not compromised.

eVoice: Advantages galore for users

There are several advantages of using this digital fax service for the users. For the users who are not much tech savvy this app comes as a boon. Learning its features is simple and within a short time span the users can get used to it. It is fast and reliable. The users need not worry about the security of their data when using this service. The users can compare other online fax services with it and see the advantages.

eVoice:  getting started

eVoice is slightly different than other digital  internet based fax services. It is not actually meant for fax sending over the web. On the contrary it is ideal for these users who want to receive fax online. The services make use of a number the user is assigned after signing up for the service. It can identify fax calls and thereafter the fax call gets sent to the email inbox in the form of an email. It is fast and reliable.

eVoice: explore the features

The web site of the company is replete with information regarding the features offered by the service. The service is best suited for those users who want the privacy of their information to be maintained. The users can also take the advantages of a number of VOIP related services offered by eVoice. This can turn out to be ideal for those business entities that are looking for online services that offer effective running cost reduction measures.

eVoice: online Communication redefined

This is more than just a digital fax service. With eVoice the business users can get multipurpose methods of keeping in touch with others. The incoming fax messages get converted automatically to a PDF file. Since this format is universally supported across platforms the users can access it from various OSes. This makes things easier for offices that use different operating systems in their setup. This also helps the users in saving space in office setups where space crunch is a practical problem.

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