Fax From Computer – 15 Best Services To Do So

Fax From Computer or Computer-based fax services are getting over typical email services. Now more and more start-ups, small business and large business are going for computer-based fax services. These fax services provide more features than an average emails service. You can send a fax to emails, fax to a typical fax machine or can get a fax number too which is not available in the typical email services. Moreover, a computer-based service will provide you with lifetime, unlimited cloud storage which is accessible from anywhere.

All you need is an active internet connection. If you are a start-up then choosing a fax service which is economical and it should also meet your need, you need to research a little bit more, so that you can end up choosing the right fax service for you. A right fax service will get your job done hassle free and you will able to take care of your competitors too. Now how to choose the best fax from computer services as there are many out there charging awful amount of money? If you are finding the answer to this question then you are in the right zone. Here is the list of some of the fax from computer services.

List of Fax From Computer Services

 1) Metrofax fax from computer service

The main MetroFax dashboard displays valuable account information and contains access to several useful features. This service has scheduling built into faxing process with Competitive price. MetroFax is very competitively priced especially when you consider the rich feature set and quality user experience. Simplified contact management. Other features include Additional Cost of $0.03 per Page with 500 above fax pages. They provide a free 30-day trial. When you subscribe to their monthly plan, the minimum fee is $7.95 with no setup fees.

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2) FaxFresh fax from computer service

With FaxFresh you can send your fax to over 100 countries. There are no monthly charges included with this fax service.  It’s a pay per fax service where you upload your file and send it to your desired fax number for a minimal charge of $1.99. They only charge you if your fax has been delivered to your desired fax number. If your fax remains undelivered then they will not charge you any fees. With $1.99 you can send up to 8 sheets of fax and for additional sheets, there will be a charge of 25 cents per sheet. To send a fax you need to have a computer and an active internet connection only.

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3) FaxMyWay fax from computer service

With fax my way you can send faxes without having a fax machine or a dedicated fax line. With this service, you can access your faxes from your email, search your faxes and store them in your email inbox. Whenever you receive a fax you don’t have to check your emails even as you will receive message alert to your registered mobile number. With this service, you don’t have to retry for failed faxes as it automatically retries faces up to four times. As they operate from India, their monthly plan costs Rs. 299 in which you will get 199 page limit of faxes.

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4) Ring central fax from computer service

Ring central is a famous fax service that uses your computer and an active internet connection to send faxes all over the world. You can attach your files from cloud storage like Google drive, dropbox or one drive. All faxes are managed online so that you can access your faxes from anywhere. You can choose a toll-free number or local number for sending or receiving messages. Their fax service plan of 750 is just $17.99.

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5) eFax fax from computer service

Efax is a premium fax from computer service which allows you to send and receive faxes from anywhere. To join their services you have to have to register an account with them. And in this account, you can view your received faxes and store faxes and can access them from any computer.  With their service, you can get local numbers, toll-free numbers, lifetime storage, electronic signature and third-party cloud storage. Their monthly subscription plan starts from $16.95 where you get 150 receiving pages per month and then it will be 10 cents for additional pages.

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6) Flatrate fax from computer service

With this service, you will able to send and receive faxes from anywhere if you have an active internet connection. Flatrate fax service provides free signup with no service contracts. You can receive faxes on the go and can receive multiple faxes at a time. Their pricing starts as low as $6.95 per month where you will get a local telephone number and if you sign up for the $8.95 plan then you will get a US base number.

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7) Fax87 fax from computer service

With fax87 you can send or receive fax multiple and different types of documents all at a time. Their fax service provides you with a money back guarantee where you can get your money back if they cannot stay up to as promised. Other features include delivery confirmation, no software or hardware purchase, free customer support and can save your incoming faxes up to one year. Their basic plan starts with $4.99 monthly plan where you will get 50 pages of incoming and outgoing combined. Furthermore, you will get 15 days of free trial although after their free service you will be charged 10 cents on per page.

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8) Faxage fax from computer service

With fax age, you can send or receive faxes via email, website or API. They provide online faxing, fax to email service, email to fax service and also API fax services.  They cover up to 50 states of US and Canada. Their main feature includes unlimited users and storage access and that too without any extra charges. Their price starts as low as $3.49 on a monthly subscription. With the basic or individual plan, you don’t have to sign up for any contracts.

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9) Fax better fax from computer service

Fax better is all about sending faxes without any fax machine. This service has a unique feature where you can search faxes using their fax search tool. They provide lifetime cloud storage, secure faxing. The faxes received are directly sent to your email so that you don’t have to worry about a security breach. Their free faxing service gives you access to storage of about 1000 fax pages and you receive 20 fax pages per month. The paid account has a similar feature as that of other fax services like a lifetime toll-free fax number. Their pricing starts from as low as $5.95 per month.

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10) SimpleFax fax from computer service

SimpleFax is a pay per service where there are no hidden contracts and you can fax online without any software or fax machine. With SimpleFax you can send a letter, fax, SMS sending, document archive and much more. Their additional service consists of sending faxes via email, fax printer for PC and Mac and a dedicated fax number. Their charges start at 6 pence for fax to landline and for a letter, it will cost you 95 pence.

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11) Innoport express fax from computer  service

Like other fax services, Innoport fax service allows you send a fax from any email program. You don’t need any software to send a fax. Just you have to sign up with their account and you can send faxes from anywhere unless you have an active internet connection. Their other features include fax broadcasting, phone support, local fax number, status delivery notification, web based address and contacts and much more. Pricing for personal plan starts at $5.95 monthly and pricing for their business plan starts at $9.95 per month.

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12) RedFax fax from computer service

Redfax is an amazing fax service which provides a US based fax number whenever you register with their services. Also, you need an email-enabled device, so that every time you receive a fax, Redfox will send it to your email directly in the form of a .pdf file. Furthermore, they provide a low monthly subscription fee which is $4.99. Well, there are other plans too.

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13) PamFax fax from computer service

This internet fax from computer service allows the user to send a fax at the rate of $0.10 per page. This needs no fax machine as it is available for Mac OS x, iOS, windows and android devices. You can directly access files and documents from Google drives, Dropbox or one drive. When you choose their professional and basic plans you get a personal fax number for free. Furthermore, PamFax supports 100 of different types of documents so that you can send any type of document to your desired number.

14) MyFax fax from computer service

This faxing service provides you with a lifetime archive for your fax when you sign up for their services. With Myfax you can fax from up to 5 emails. Their other features include fax from email, free 24×7 customer support; you can choose a toll-free fax number or a local fax number. You don’t need to install any software or hardware to enjoy their services.

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 15) Nextiva fax from computer service

This service provider saves a significant amount of your money by cutting costs on ink, paper, other tools that you may need with fax machines. With online fax services, Nextiva offers convenient ways to send faxes. They offer services at just $6.95 on monthly subscription. 30 days free trial helps you to use and go though the software. Use word and Power Point features to directly send your document as “fax”, just like print or save options. The total number of incoming and outgoing faxes is 500.

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If you’re in a large business, it can prove all the more beneficial to you as it is very economical. Ensure that you take full advantage of these services especially those who’re into running big businesses. You can start by using the free trials, but always prefer the paid ones, as they are more secure and reliable.