Fax1 – Email To Fax Free Software To Send Free Fax To Anywhere In The World

Over the years, sending faxes using the web services has been a craze throughout the world among the business entities. There are many online fax software providers that provide both the free online fax service and the paid fax services. Fax1 is one of those reputed service providers that has gained popularity among the users.

Features of Fax1

Fax1 provides varied features to the users to make fax receiving and sending a unique experience. Users have the benefit to send fax through the Microsoft Outlook application. For this the user needs to activate the Fax1.com Internet Fax on Microsoft Office. The users can then send and receive fax as emails in Microsoft Outlook.

FaxBlaster is another feature of Fax1 that makes it unique. It is software using which a user can send and receive fax. It is more of a desktop application. The user needs to have a login and password provided by Fax1 when you sign up for this service. FaxBlaster is easy to use and works like any other print driver. The FaxBlaster makes it easy to store file and retrieve them when needed. Web reporting feature here is an added benefit

Web Fax helps to fax a web from any PC with an internet connection. One just needs to open the browser, type the information to be faxed and then send it. It does not even require a log in.

Fax Broadcast feature in Fax1 enables the user to send the same fax to hundreds of recipients at the same time. It also has real time online status reporting. The fax header can be customized and it is simple and all major formats are accepted

Fax1 – Free Trial

In the free online fax trial scheme no charges are levied. Indeed, 1$ is credited for sending faxes to anywhere in the world. This account is not credited with Yahoo and Hotmail accounts. The aim of this service is to provide an insight into what Fax1 provides.

Paid Subscriptions

In the paid service scheme, for sending any fax, Fax1 charges no service fee and no set-up fee. The free trial will be 1$ and for every fax sent to the USA, 0.12/page will be deducted from this 1$. There are separate rates for each country. Only when the page has been successfully delivered, will the amount be charge. The credit does not expire and when the 1$ is over, one can always log in to recharge with a minimum of 10$.

For receiving any amounts, there are no set up fees. However, a monthly service fee of 9$ is levied. In case of annual subscriptions, 99$ is charged. With this amount, the user can receive up to 200 pages per month and for every extra usage 0.05$ will be charged from the user.

Fax1 services are cheap, easy to use, and ecological and all popular formats are accepted. There are added features such as Fax to Email and Email to Fax which empowers the user and adds flexibility to the choice. Fax1 truly is a must have.

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