FaxFreedom – Send And Receive Fax On Computer With Toll Free Fax Number

FaxFreedom is website through which one can send and receive fax on computer with toll free fax number. It is been run by FreedomVOICE Systems.

Since the last decade, most of the internet users take the benefit of an email system to send and receive information and communicate easily, be it on business or any other informal communication. However, the online fax is also a very effective innovation and that no longer requires you to install a committed fax machine or phone line for the purpose. The most important and useful benefit of online fax services is that, it involves paperless faxing systems, therefore no need to buy papers, inks or toners. This service is ideal for small businesses, because you don’t have to be bothered about the fax machine expenses. Furthermore, you can right away get a fax number and add it to the business contacts.

Several benefits of FaxFreedom

FaxFreedom is one such online fax service which several benefits in store for you. It will no longer be necessary for you to get up and check the fax machine for faxes, while you’re sitting at your desk in front of computer. With the online FaxFreedom services your faxes can be suitably delivered to any of your e-mail id and at the same time, enables you to send it to numerous e-mail addresses as of your choice. Here’s a list of the chief benefits that FaxFreedom gives you:

  • faxes are received together with the caller id and the date of receipt
  • faxes can be forwarded through e-mail attachments
  • personal notes can be kept with your faxes for later allusion
  • faxes can be saved for future reference, after they are viewed
  • received faxes can be forwarded to any fax number of your choice
  • faxes can be printed directly from WebLink


The FaxFreedom Software

FaxFreedom allows you to download the free FaxFreedom software, that you can install easily and if a printer is attached to your PC, it will help you in printing any type of file received from any fax machine. However, you will simply be asked to enter the fax number of the receiver. Thus, using this software is really easy. The monthly rate for using this service is as low as 9.95$.

Send Faxes from WebLink

What’s more, you can use the WebLink personal internet control panel. You shall have that capability to browse documents normally on your PC, and you can also select the one you’d like to send as a fax. You can also upload documents from your computer when you send a fax. FaxFreedom is usually compatible with every popular office and image file format. Some of the basic points for the usage of WebLink with FaxFreedom are given below:

a) It offers the delivery status and lets you view sent faxes

b) Sent faxes can be resent from your recently sent folder

c) The given name or code of sent faxes helps you to organize them.

d) Enables you to add personal notes to your sent faxes to refer to them in future.

e) Enable you to save sent faxes in archives, for future use or reference.

Thus, FaxFreedom is one such online fax service that can help you in smart development of your business, anywhere on the planet.

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