Free Fax Number To Receive Faxes In UK From WonderFax

Wonderfax is a free fax number in the United Kingdom, which receives you fax, then converts it into a PDF file and then email it to you as an attachment. This is a service that is solely available in the UK and there are many advantages of using this. This is a free online fax and needs no fax machine or a separate fax line for this purpose. Wonderfax uses top quality corporate fax solutions and delivers a professional fax service to the customers for free. It is an absolutely free online fax service.

How it works?

Firstly, one needs to sign up to get a free Wonderfax number. The sign up process is simple and lucid, and one just needs to fill up the online form. The old existing number needs to be replaced by the new number on all media like email and so on. When somebody sends a fax to your Wonderfax number, it is converted to a PDF and is forwarded to your email directly. Once the fax is received, you can treat it as a regular email or a simple file. The greatest advantage of using this online fax service is that it requires no online fax software.


Certain advantages

Wonderfax can provide you certain advantages which a regular or ordinary fax service would not provide you. It is easy to use and lucid, and is much cheaper as it requires no separate fax line or machine. Moreover, since this is an online fax service, it accessibility is much more; it just requires an internet connection and can be accessed from mobile or PC or mobile and so on. You can check your faxes from anywhere in the world. Once the fax is received, it gives the customer an alert notification.

Target customers

Wonderfax aims to meet both personal and business faxing requirements. Both businessmen and individuals find it useful as it meets their needs and demands. Since business houses and offices need to send bulk faxes, this free online fax service will prove to be extremely useful and beneficial for them. Another feature which attracts people to use this online fax service is that, your number will never be engaged and there will be no problem or hurdle to receive and send faxes. Since no paper is required for sending faxes, it will prove to be economical for corporate houses and individuals as well. This fax service thus, can meet the requirements of household individuals and people working in office as well.

Wonderfax thus can be an excellent scheme for you and can prove to be useful, if you are a businessman. Although, anyone who needs to send bulk faxes each day, Wonderfax is a good option for him. People, who travel a lot ought to opt for this service as it can be accessed from any part of the world. The received faxes remain archived for 14 days and hence, one can review his old faxes as well. So, if you are frustrated with your old fax system, and want a new advanced one, it’s wise to opt for Wonder fax. So hurry and sign up now!

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