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Faxing over the internet is now easier with FreeFAX. True to its name, it offers sending faxes at no cost. It is a free online fax service. It provides online fax sending service with the help of a website interface. Using FreeFAX, the user can send and receive faxes as emails from the toll-free number that he owns. It is largely popular because it has no installation requirements and is thus easier for the end user. The user thus, must know about the various features and benefits, and the cost factors before working on it.


If you want to send a fax absolutely free of cost, then you should take a look at FreeFAX. You can send faxes either as a member or as a non-member. As a non-member, you can send faxes to your desired recipients and no cost is levied. As a member, you get to enjoy benefits that are not available to a non-member. FreeFAX is 100% supported by advertising. A fax can be sent virtually to anywhere in the world. Speed dial, virtual fax, and custom fax sheet, group faxing and other options are available to a member of this free online fax scheme. Speed dial is a feature in FreeFAX that helps the user to not dial the whole number while sending a fax. This feature helps largely when faxes are to be sent to the same user quite a number of times. The user can initially assign a number to the speed dial group. When he needs to do the same, he can select the number using the speed dial group and send the fax with a click of the mouse button.

Virtual fax allows the user to send any fax as an email. The fax is sent to the FreeFAX server that converts the fax in an email server. The converted format is then sent to the desired user. Custom fax sheet is a feature that enables the user to customize the faxes before sending. The user can enter the organization name and upcoming events as custom edits and make other necessary changes to them. The group faxing is another added feature available in this free online fax scheme. Also known as Broadcast fax service by other online fax service providers, this feature allows sending faxes to multiple recipients at the same time. The user can initially add the recipients to a group or add them while sending the fax.

However, FreeFAX does not allow the users to receive and store faxes in their account. Furthermore, all faxes that are sent have advertisements attached to them. The recipient receives the fax whose one-third page contains advertisement along with the sender information. On successful delivery, a confirmation is sent to the sender. New commercial facilities are supposed to be introduced soon.

FreeFAX is a free online fax service provider that does not require the use of online fax software. Users can send free faxes. However, the main disadvantage lies in not being able to receive faxes and also the advertisements that take up space in the fax and make it undesirable for business purpose.

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