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Online faxing has become popular over the past few years. The benefits obtained at low cost and the use-before-you-buy offers from major online fax service providers are attracting more and more business organizations and individuals towards them. Messagenet, a reputed organization in the online fax sector provide certain plans that give the users wider choice options. You can also download it from Google Play.


This is the first free online fax service in Italy. The subscriber gets to receive free faxes in his mailbox. This free online fax service can be activated after the three months of using the service. The subscriber can receive up to 3 faxes per month.


As the name suggests, the FAXin plan gives the user a choice to receive unlimited number of faxes in the mailbox. In this plan, outgoing faxes will be charged as usual. Once this service has been activated, all your faxes will be transferred to the mail inbox as PDF files without any extra charge. The subscriber has the option to get a new fax number with the area code of his choice. The service is activated instantly. The subscriber can also choose to keep his previous number with the online fax software. However, in this case the number needs to be ported to the service provider.

The subscription costs for FAXin is 60 Euros as annual fee and 18 Euros as activation charges. With this service, Messagenet provides the subscriber a free recharge of 6 Euros for sending fax without a fax machine. The user can then send faxes from the web, mailbox and even his smart phone.


This scheme from Messagenet provides message sending service. The subscriber does not need to pay any activation charges for this service. He can send a fax to multiple users at the same time. Charges for sending faxes to Italy and 40 other countries that include Europe, China, Japan, Canada, USA, Australia, etc is only 0.108 euro. The subscriber needs to activate the email addresses to which he wishes to receive the faxes. To use the service, the subscriber needs to buy a recharge which ranges from 6 Euros to 500 Euros depending on his usage. Then for every sending and receiving an invoice is sent to the inbox of the user and the requisite charges are deducted from the account.

FAXout can be used either from the ‘send a fax’ page or the email client. To send a fax via the email client, the user needs to follow all the normal steps as followed while sending an email. In the send to field he should mention the recipient number as The mail will then get delivered to the Messagenet mailbox. While sending and after delivery of the message, the user will be informed through mails in his inbox. The formal for sending will be Word (.doc), Excel (.xls), PDF (.pdf) and text (.txt).

These fax services are cheap because it does not need buying a fax machine and maintaining it. Also since there are no paper businesses here, it is eco-friendly. It is easy to use and convenient even for a not-a-computer-expert individual. The services offered by Messagenet are reliable from the naughty guys of the web and confidential as well.

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