Nextiva Fax Review 2014 For Better Faxing Experience

Bringing an end to all sorts of fax troubles like paper jams, signal problems and system errors is Nextiva Fax – an affordable, efficient and flexible online faxing service. With just an internet connection and Nextiva, one can fax from anywhere on earth to the other end of the planet without any hassles. Additionally, one can send faxes from Microsoft applications such as ‘Word’ and ‘Excel’ by clicking on fax instead of ‘print’. Free online Fax is now just a click away! It doesn’t just stop with Microsoft as one can use the ‘online control panel’ function of the computer to send an online fax. If you want the papers to continue flowing, then Nextiva Fax has adopters that keep the vintage faxing techniques alive and kicking.

To put in simple terms, you can send a fax to a client who has a machine, without you having one. You can send it from your PC or from your phone. Similarly, if a client is sending you a fax, you can receive it as a soft copy file on your mail and even on your phone. All you need is an internet connection.

nextiva fax review

Why Nextiva is the Most Affordable Online Fax?

Nextiva Faxcomes up with a stunning pricing model of absolutely zero setup fees, and an astoundingly low average cost of just 3 cents per page. With as many as 500 free pages, Nextivais by far one of the most effective free online fax software.The clincher however is the annual discount pricing of just $4.95.

How to Make the Best Use of Nextiva?

  • Though Nextivais best used as an online fax service,it comes with a great feature of keeping the old style of faxing alive. All one needs to do is to plug the outlet wire of their fax machine to the Nextiva Fax adopter.
  • One can install the Nextiva benefits in one’s mobile phone and use just the email feature of the phone to fax on mobile.
  • Apart from these, Nextiva promises no loss of fax, solid customer support, uncompromising privacy and a lot more. One is also offered the advantage of retaining his or her current fax number while shifting to Nextiva Fax.

Nextive features

Do you want to receive your free online faxin a format of your choice? Nextiva lets you receive it in both PDF and tif formats. If you are wondering what are the charges for incoming and how different are they from outgoing faxes, then you need not feel confused. The charges are counted together for the pool of fax messages that come and go.

Printing and Scanning are now bygones. Faxing is at the command of your finger. This amazing bout of technology is here to stay.

As Stephen Chraibi, a Nextiva Fax customer puts it, Nextiva provides with very quick and efficient customer service and he is quite content with how everything has been working.There are similar views of many more such customers who are totally satisfied with Nextiva.

Nextiva Review Conclusion:

Nextiva is simple fax service with which you can send fax as simple as sending an email. You can use their service for as low as 4.95$ per month. You can receive fax from anywhere in the world. You can see your fax preview before sending it. A good Customer support is available. One of the few things they can improve is to increase number of email address with which one can send fax. They also need to make mobile apps for different platforms.

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