Download RingCentral Fax App For Android, iPhone – Do Faxing on SmartPhone

Fax service is needed by every modern day individual or a business house. RingCentral Fax is such a service that has provides a unique service and comes with a variety of features to assist you in your need. This fax service is in much demand. If you are looking for free online fax then Ring Central Fax will surely help you out. It has also launched fax service for smartphones be it Android or iPhone you can download it to do faxing from your phone.

Working of Ring Central Fax

Ring Central Fax is a free online fax service that permits the users to send faxes on the internet and there is no need of a fax machine or a telephone line. You can send your faxes through email or take the help of free online Fax software to control or send your faxes. Another interesting way is to log in to your Ring Central account which will allow you enter in to online faxing anywhere with an available internet connection. Before choosing your plans, it is a wise idea to go for the free 30 days trial offer to see how efficiently it works and then decide your plan accordingly. Ring Central Fax offers economical plans which are affordable and comes with a host of features, making your faxing easier and cheaper.


Features of Ring Central Fax

Ring Central Fax offers features like getting fax alerts in your mobile phone and through email, facility of entry to your online faxing account, facility of blocking mails which are junk, and also the process of editing faxes. There is also a feature named fax on demand. If any one dials your central ring number he will be instructed to dial an extension number if they are interested in receiving a fax about the products or services which you offer.

What You Get

The moment you get yourself subscribed to Ring Central Fax you will be assigned a number for internet faxing. You have the option to choose a local number or a toll free number which completely depends upon your choice. Suppose you want to have a bigger contact or a large area to be under your purview it is better to have a toll free number otherwise go for a local number if your need is small.

Advantages of Ring Central Fax App

The moment you receive a fax you will get a text and also an email. The benefit is instant information even when you are out of your office or in a meeting. It is a service which is very much integrated with Microsoft, which means you can send fax directly from Microsoft applications such as Word and Excel. There is no possibility of your faxes getting distorted which may be the case with other services. You can send fax with your Android or iPhone too. You just need to download RingCentral Android app and iPhone apps to so.

In the present day of competitive business Ring Central Fax offers the most cost-effective faxing service with interesting features that will assist you to do faxes in an efficient manner. Methods of doing business have changed and also the process of dealing with the documents concerned. So when you are associated with Ring Central Fax you can be rested assured of high quality fax service and smooth delivery of documents without any hassles.

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