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RingCentral Fax Overview:

Ringcentral Fax is an internet fax service provider providing fax to email service and is one of the leaders in this industry which enables you to send and receive online faxes using the web based application provided by the company or your very own personnel email account. It helps you in eliminating the traditional fax machine from your office and all other hassles and issues related to it. Online or internet faxing allow you to save money, office space and requires very less manpower. The only thing it requires is internet connection which is connected to your mobile phone, laptop or desktop computer.

RingCentral Fax Login And Features:

Ringcentral Fax service doesn’t charges any account setup fee plus the account handling is very easy and efficient. One can send and receive online faxes via internet or email by accessing the Ringcentral fax service login account control panel from anywhere in the world it doesn’t requires you to be present in the office. Using the account control panel one can setup and schedule faxes that have to be delivered to the recipient at the later instance. One can detect the status of the faxes from the control panel itself; if some of the online faxes are not delivered then one can delete it from the control panel straight away without any hassles. One can also check all the sent and received fax logs over a particular period of time provided by the service provider.


RingCentral Fax Plans:

The basic plan starts at 8 USD per month which allows you to send and receive 500 pages of faxes additional fax pages can be sent at 6 cent per page.  The intermediate plan starts at 20 USD per month which allows you to send and receive 1000 pages of faxes additional fax pages can be sent at 5 cent per page. The professional fax plan starts at 50 USD per month which allows you to send and receive 2500 pages of faxes additional fax pages can be sent at 5 cent per page. It provides you with a toll free or local dedicated fax number. Additional fax number can be sought for 5 USD per month and if anyone wants vanity fax number it can be purchased at a costing of onetime fee of 30 USD.

The Ringcentral fax also provides corporate fax pro plan which costs $ 40 per month which allows you to send unlimited fax pages plus it provides 2 fax numbers. It has more features like administrator controls and one of the best being the unique fax number for each and every fax employee. It also provides with the feature of digital signature that can be added using the control panel. It also provides with 30 day free trial for free online faxing so that the customer should be content before subscribing to the paid online fax services.

The rates are different local and international online faxing which depends on the distance and the country. The faxing is quite secure with Ringcentral Fax. One can also block spam faxes and can also activate fax filters which allow you to block faxes from specific area codes and fax numbers. It supports various file formats to about 50 formats which can be used to send and receive faxes. It also provides with 24 hr online customer support via email plus 24 hr customer support via telephone line also.

How To Download RingCentral Fax?

One can see this page for all the related setup and downloads of Ringcentral Fax.

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