Send Fax Via Windows 7, 8, and Vista (Tutorial)

The most recent form of Microsoft Home windows has the windows Fax and Scan program pre-installed. Making use of your computer like a fax machine, windows Fax and Scan aims to exchange the stand alone machine, saving cash and desk space. Customers can make custom resume cover letters and fax documents from windows through any fax modem or server.


1 ) Click “Start” out of your desktop taskbar. Click “All Programs” near the foot of the beginning menu. Scroll their email list of programs and click on “Windows Fax and Scan.” Choose “Fax” in the two options at the end left corner from the window. Click “New Fax.”

2)  Go into the readers fax number within the “To” area. Enter the topic of the fax transmission within the “Subject” area. Complete the policy page notes area with any information pertinent towards the fax transmission, for example whose attention you’re pointing it to. Fill in your body from the fax message and click on the paper clip icon to connect every other documents if required.

3)  Click “Send” to begin the fax transmission. Print the fax receipt confirmation if preferred.

Tips & Alerts

Windows Fax and Scan is just on Home windows Vista and then versions of Home windows. Home windows XP customers possess a program known as Home windows Console.

How To get it done Home windows 8

To to spread out (start, find) Home windows-8 Fax and Scan to checking and fax needed the documents please press the important thing combination [Win-Logo design] [R], then simply just go into the command wfs

If you use Home windows Fax and Scan, your scanned documents and photos get saved within the Documents folder under Scanned Documents. When you purchase another checking application, such as the one that included your scanner, that application will most likely allow you to select a folder for the scanned documents and photos.


You are able to crop a picture before you decide to scan it. Just drag the handles from the popping tool to re-size it.

For those who have trouble previewing your scan, obvious the check box alongside Preview or scan images separate files

For particulars on which your particular scanner can perform, look at your scanner manual or even the manufacturer’s website.

Should you not possess a stand-alone fax machine, you should use Home windows Fax and Scan to transmit and receive faxes. You are able to explore Home windows Fax and Scan to discover how you can do such things as save, forward, and organize your faxes and personalize resume cover letters. Listed here are a couple of steps to enable you to get began.


With windows Fax and Scan you are able to fax electronic copies of the documents and photos.

For those who have only hard copies, you’ll need to scan them first. For information about checking, see Get began with checking.

Setup your computer to transmit and receive faxes Before you send and receive faxes, you’ll require a fax modem-either internal or exterior/as well as an analog line.

If you are fax needed from the network, you’ll require the address of the fax server.

PS: For those who have a scanner, you should use Home windows Fax and Scan to scan documents and photos. You’ll need to install your scanner before you start. Hook it up for your PC, hook it up, and switch it on.

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