Send Free Fax From PC, Android Using FilesAnywhere

Lets see a service called FilesAnywhere with which, you will see, share and manage your remote files from your Android Smart phone or PC. Upload your photos and contacts or manage, share, email and fax files anywhere you go. New customers can Sign-up for any free 1000 Megabytes account from the applying Send faxes from your application to the fax number, worldwide.

As most of us know Fax is among individuals legacy technologies that’s greatly outdated, yet some companies refuse to stop. Particularly, insurance providers and government departments have a tendency to favor fax probably the most. The organizations that “advertise” about how exactly they accept fax, usually don’t accept email as a substitute. The issue with this particular is the fact that most homes do not have a fax machine heck, some don’t actually have a phone-line any longer.

If by chance you not possess a fax machine of your own, this leaves you with simply a couple of options:

Look for a fax machine, somewhere, in some way.

Most Office supply stores (Staples, Office Depot) enables you to send faxes, but it’ll cost between $1.50 to $15 per fax with respect to the quantity of pages.


Usually if your company accepts faxes it will likewise accept mailed-in papers.  But, who would like to wait all individuals extra days for that paper-mail to become shipped?  What year is that this, 1956?

Make use of an email-to-fax or internet fax service.

This really is most likely your best choice.  Regrettably, most internet fax services need a subscription.  From the free ones available, the majority are seriously limited and/or print advertisements in your faxes.

Purchase a fax machine and employ a land-line phone to transmit your faxes.

This merely has “eww” written throughout it.

Whenever you consider the options, not one of them look exceptional. If perhaps there have been a totally free alternative that worked… Well, I discovered one! Filesanywhere is definitely an internet fax service, but it’s with different software-system that actually works like Dropbox.  They provide you with 1GB of online for free storage, and there’s even an Android application that allows you access these files and fax them out of your phone.  If you wish to join a free account and increase the space, it’s essentially $1 monthly for every additional gigabyte.

Filesanywhere free accounts do not have file-size or page restrictions, but you’re only permitted no more than 10 faxes monthly. Should you upgrade to some fundamental user for that cost of $2.95 monthly, they in the limit to 500 faxes.  So far as privacy is worried, their terms of oprations are reasonable, however I still wouldn’t rely on them to transmit anything too private.

Whats required to send faxes from PC And Android Phone:

A totally free (fundamental) filesanywhere account.

A PC having a internet browser that supports java, or even the mobile filesanywhere Android application.

The files that you would like to fax.


Step One

Login to filesanywhere.  Click on the Upload tab after which Add Files.  After you have the files selected, Click on the Upload button.  When the upload is completed, your files will display in the left-pane.


Step Two

Now that you’ve got your files submitted, Click on the Send / Share tab.  Under Discussing options, Click Send Fax.


Step Three

Since the Send Fax dialog ought to be up.  In the left-pane Choose the file that you’d like to fax, then within the right-pane Click on the Add Selected >>> button.  This will result in the file display in the list around the right. Note that you could attach multiple files one fax if you want to.

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