SmartFax – Free Fax Trial For 30 Days

Smartfax is a free online fax service, which can be accessed from any point of the world and works with all standard fax machines. This service provides you with a personal fax number and with it you can fax anybody from anywhere in the world. Since this is an online fax service, you can merge your mail with the fax and for the first 30 days, it doesn’t charge any fee from its customers. Smartfax is a lucrative option for businessmen as well as individuals, who need to send bulk faxes each day. With just an internet connection and a computer, it can work wonder.

SmartFax Basic Features

Smartfax is a free online fax option and it does not require any online fax software. One just needs to sign up on their webpage by filling up an online form. The procedure is simple and lucid. In just two minutes, one can receive and send faxes. After this online registration completes, the customer will be provided with a local fax number. For the first 30 days, this service can be used for free (a period known as the trial period). After this, the customers can avail the service at rates that are quite affordable and cheap. With such minimal rates, one can send and receive international faxes as well. Since this is a free online fax service, one can get in touch with anyone in any part of the world.


The most attractive part of this service is that, through Smartfax one can merge one’s email with the fax service. The fax messages that are received get converted to PDF or other related file format and are sent directly to one’s email inbox. This option allows you to get a notification, whenever a fax is received and is a good way of creating a backup of old faxes. Since, no fax machine is needed, one can check one’s faxes sitting anywhere in the world. Similarly, the email account can also be used to send faxes as well. Now you can send and check your fax messages through your PC, laptop or even mobile as well. This merging of email with the fax service is an extremely attractive option not only for people, who travel a lot but also for individuals and businessmen as well.

SmartFax Costing

Smartfax offers a free trial period of 30 days, after which one needs to pay for the faxing services. The rates are extremely low and affordable. The cost is $6.95 per month. The rates would prove to be economical for people who need to send bulk faxes each day.

Certain advantages

On a whole, Smartfax provides all that opportunities, which shall prove to be beneficial for people opting for it. It shall reduce costing as it needs no special software or paper for fax machine, as it directly comes to your email. Moreover, sitting at any point of the world, you can send and receive your faxes. People, who travel a lot, shall find this option extremely beneficial. So if you are keen to opt for a faxing service, register in Smartfax and work smartly with its service.

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