SuperFax – Online Fax Service For Sending Receiving Fax In Email

Reduction in the costs of maintenance of an office is now one of the prime concerns of every business and individual concern because of the tough economic conditions and the competitive market. Gone are the days of using a traditional fax machine as the new, popular innovation is online faxing and SuperFax is one such provider. It is the ultimate choice in simplifying the faxing procedure and what more, it lowers the overall faxing costs altogether.

SuperFax is one of the most reliable and the efficient free online fax solutions that give you the much needed space to send and receive faxes directly through your email. A ten digit phone number will be assigned to the customer who signs up at SuperFax with the help of which he can easily send and receive faxes at his chosen email id.


What the Customer Gets

The customer gets a fax number and there is no need of a telephone connection. Fax is received by the customer in the form of a PDF file on his email along with an alert on his mobile phone about the arrival of the fax.

Advantages of Using SuperFax

SuperFax is one such new faxing system, where there are a number of advantages in comparison to the traditional fax machine. First, faxes can be sent without owning a fax machine. You can search fax messages and store them in your mail box and get an SMS alert on your personal mobile the moment you receive a fax. So you need not check emails daily to know about a new fax. When an attempt to fax fails, the system re-attempts to send it automatically. There is absolutely no requirement of any additional hardware or software.

Features of super fax

This free online fax service is efficient and reliable. A private fax number will be allotted to you, which is highly confidential. The system is very user-friendly as well and enables sending the same fax to different people at the same time. You will be entitled to get faxes on more than one email account which you may have chosen.

With the help of SuperFax, faxes can be sent directly from your windows application. Organizing and sending of faxes is made easy with the use of SuperFax online fax software. Another feature of super fax is the feature to forward any faxes in the form of PDF or TIFF files. Online fax storage facility is available and there is also a free customer support, available 24×7 to help you out of any problem or answer any query.

Registration Process

To use the SuperFax online fax service, a person has to first register into it, by filling out the registration form. The user is required to provide facts like his name and address and optional demographic information.

What SuperFax costs

SuperFax is quite cost-effective, because there is no need of a telephone line, any extra electricity or maintenance cost. Sending international faxes is also possible, without the use of any ISD.

So, if you want to check out the SuperFax free online fax service then you can go for a 15 day trial.

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