TPC – SeSend Free Fax From Your PC (Personal Computer)

After the advent and growth of the digital fax technology business communication has received a new dimension altogether. There is no longer any need to resort to the previous generation bulky machines for sending Fax to a receiver anywhere. The fast web based fax services have come to the aid of the business users. These services have helped the entities in organizing and streamlining their workflow as well. This is also ideal for offices that believe in paperless solutions.

TPC: What you can get from it

There are a huge number of fast web based fax services available for these users and at times the users may have difficulty in choosing the right one. Everyone offers lucrative features and come for either low cost or free. However TPC scores over similar online fax services as it comes loaded with features and offer the users an easier learning curve. Its interface is easy to master for any user. It can also be customized as per their needs.

TPC: Benefits unlimited, literally

With TPC the fax senders do get a lot of options for choosing recipient types and sending methods. They need not be tech savvy for utilizing all its features. It can be described as a collection of various Fax servers that enables the users to send fax messages to different countries n the world. The best thing about it is that it offers support for languages like Italian and German along with English. Not all apps come with multilingual support.

TPC: Faxing as you like

With TPC a user can send fax online in various ways and need not stay hooked to email to Fax submission. With it a person can send a fax from the web browser itself. It is also possible to send fax messages using the email software installed in a PC. There is an app available for PC users who want to use their PC for web based fax message sending. It can be used from Mac and Windows.

TPC: online faxing simplified

There is hardly any match for TPC when it comes to online fax sending. It offers reduced cost over using traditional fax machines. Being web based a user can use this service from any place as long as there is internet connectivity. The TPC website offers a FAQ for the first time users. They can find answers to all their queries in the website itself. It is also possible to see the areas covered by the service of the company.

TPC: compare with other apps

TPC fits the bill for various sized companies that need to use convenient and all rounder digital fax service. The senders get the confirmation of delivery of their fax messages which offer them peace of mind. There are fewer chances of data getting delayed as well with it. It will help businesses in reducing cost and saving time for business communication. Being a user friendly app the users will not need much time in getting used to it.

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