4 Best Free Incoming Fax Services – Faxes Are Now On Your Email

Gone are the days when you had to have a fax machine to receive faxes. This is the age of technology and the internet. So, faxes come to your email. What is more, you do not have to pay a single cent. These free incoming fax services are excellently placed to bring a revolution in the world of fax-based telecommunication. Read on below for the best four free services that you can choose from.

1) faxburner.com


There are two major factors that tilt the balance in favor of this service.  First – you do not have to download any browser or any image viewer to open attachments. Second – you can also receive voicemails without having to pay anything. Faxes that are sent to the free incoming fax number, which is provided by faxburner.com, are forwarded to your email.

2) NextivaFax


If you need to send up to 500 faxes per month, then one of the best free incoming fax services is NextivaFax. In addition, you also receive a lot of features that allow easy customization. This fax service is the best choice for small to medium businesses. If you exceed 500 faxes, you will be charged a very small amount.

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3) eFax Free


If you have been using incoming fax services, you must have definitely heard of eFax. As eFax is one of the best-known free incoming fax services on the internet. However, were you aware that eFax offers a free version as well? This free incoming fax service is as good as the paid service. In the free version, you receive a free incoming fax number. It is hence provided so that and all the faxes that you get on that number are directed to your email, which you can download later. However, the one limitation of this free service provider is that, unlike fax burner, faxes can be downloaded from email only if you install eFax Messenger.

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4) faxaway.com


Adding to the list is faxaway. With this service, you can not only sent but also receive fax in your inbox. It also gives you some amazing features, when it comes to fax services.

Thus you know, how you can free incoming fax with these three amazing services. Share this with your family and friends or colleague to get maximum gain. Do share if you know some other services as well.


more free incoming fax providers:

  1. faxbetter.com
  2. Fax.plus
  3. fax zero
  4. Gotfreefax

If you know any other providers, please help us by writing in the comments section.


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