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Faxing over the internet is now easier with TrustFax. It provides online fax services with the help of a website interface. Using TrustFax, the user can send and receive fax as emails from the toll-free number that he owns. There are both the free online fax service and the paid online fax service.

It is largely popular because it has no installation requirements and is thus easier for the end user. The user thus, must know about the various features and benefits and the cost factors before working on it.

How TrustFax Works

When somebody sends a mail to you it is converted to the PDF format and then sent to you. You can download the PDF file sent as an attachment or you can also read it online by clicking on the link.

You can send a fax in the same way as you send an email by attaching the document to the email and sending it to Furthermore, you can also log in to the web interface, then upload the document and send it to the desired recipients.


Features and Benefits

The first thing that you will like about TrustFax is its easy set up option. There is no downloading, no requirement for any hardware and software, thus saving space. The services provided by this faxing service can be accessed if an internet connection is available. No additional plug-ins and no configuration are there. Set up is done in seconds and you won’t need to pay any extra charges for an extra phone line. Similarly, no charges are levied for long distance faxing.

The best part is that you can access your documents from any location on this planet with the help of an internet connection. All transactions are done by the mailbox provided by TrustFax. The simple online interface assists you in efficient managing of fax transactions. The control panel gives you details about all your incoming and outgoing fax activities.

You can also add digital signature to your mailings, receipts and orders thus doing away with the burden of printing, manually signing and then feeding it back in the machine. Faxing to 200 international locations at the very minimum rates is another reason for its popularity. The faxes are sent in PDF format, it is the same thing that is sent. Support from anywhere and anytime is available, in case you face difficulties.

Free and Paid Service Schemes

In the free online fax trial scheme, the user gets to enjoy a number of benefits for a month absolutely free. The monthly $8.95 subscribed features for the free online fax software include an assigned toll free or local number, 250 inbound or outbound pages and additional pages at $0.10 per page. It also provides a digital signature feature and a month long online storage. Also included is international faxing.

However, it is recommended that one sign up for a year-long subscription at $7.46 per month. This reduces the annual expenditure on subscriptions over the monthly subscriptions.

The TrustFax provides attractive features at striking rates to benefit the user and establish a long mutually developing partnership in the world of faxing.

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