Free Fax App To Send Free Fax Online

Of course, a lot of companies still use fax machines to send and receive fax; and there are various companies offering free fax services that are easy to operate to send or receive faxes. The free fax services just need an internet connection; no need for any fax machine, printer, phone line etc.

It also offers the advantage of their apps, which can be installed on your smartphone, Android or iPhone. There is a limit on the number of faxes which can be sent on these free fax Apps, and if your requirement is higher than the free limit, then you can buy a suitable package that meets your requirement.

Along with various websites, apps and companies offering these free fax services, even your MS office is an efficient tool for sending faxes. Let’s have a look at few such apps.

Here are some of the best free fax App providers to send fax online:

  1. Free Fax from MS Office:

It might be surprising for a lot of people to know that it is possible to send a fax using Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft PowerPoint or Microsoft Excel.

MS office allows you to send faxes using MS outlook or Excel via the internet. This feature can be used if your computer has Windows Fax Printer Driver or Fax Services.

In case, you don’t have this feature installed on your computer, then maybe you can download and utilize these to send faxes.

You can follow the step by step guide to download the Fax Printer Driver depending upon the version of your computer’s Window. It is a simple option to send the fax when you don’t want to sign-up for other free fax apps.

Every home these days does have a computer and laptop with MS office, and they can simply opt for MS office to send faxes.

  1. MyFax Free

This free fax app allows you to send faxes in over 40 countries. This app is very user-friendly and can be easily installed on your iPhone or Android.

It supports all types of files whether in MS office format (word document, excel or PowerPoint) or picture files.

MyFax Free allows you to send or receive free faxes. You can send 2 free faxes in a day and upon sign-up, you will have a toll-free fax number.

The app allows you to store the faxes for future use as well. In case of any difficulty, the company has excellent customer support system at all times. You can share your fax number with up to 5 email addresses.

  1. Pamfax

You can join the Pamfax fax service for free. The new joiners will get 3 fax pages for free. After that, an individual has to buy professional or basic plans.

Pamfax can work from the internet, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone/iPad, Android and Blackberry 10.

If you opt for the basic or professional plans, you will be given a personal fax number and apart from the number, you will be allowed to send a number of pages as a single fax.

Pamfax has a built-in storage system. The faxes can also be stored in, google docs, drop box etc. It is easy to use, low pricing and has worldwide coverage.

  1. GotFreeFax

GotFreeFax provides services in the United States and Canada. There is no mention of the GotFreeFax on the sent fax; you can send faxes online.

The limit for this fax service is 2 faxes in a day, each fax can have up to 3 pages. If you opt for premium pay per fax service, your fax will be delivered on priority and used an encrypted connection.

You can visit the website and select the package based on the number of pages you want to send. Or you can just choose to enjoy the benefits of GotFreeFax free fax app.

  1. eFax Free

eFax Free has about 11 million customers including Fortune 500 companies. You can send or receive faxes by email, mobile app or eFax account.

eFax Free provides you with a free fax number. This free fax app is easy to operate and send faxes.

You have the option to change the area code, send or receive number of faxes by upgrading plan to eFax Plus plan.

If you apply for a one-year subscription, you will get two months of free usage which turns out to be economical. You will have to get eFax document viewing software to use this app.

  1. FaxBetter Free

This free fax service provides up to 50 pages per email in addition to email notifications when you get a fax.

But in order to retain the free fax number, you should receive a minimum of one fax in seven days.

The company also provides a one-month free subscription to OCR/searchable fax feature and fax-to-email service.

You have various options to select a plan that best suits your needs or you can also choose to use only the free fax app service with provides minimal free faxes per day.

You can opt for fax to email, searchable faxes, fax to email etc. You can access up to 1000 stored faxes online.

  1. FaxZero

You can send faxes internationally and also to the United States and Canada. FaxZero can send faxes in the form of a word document, PDF or Text.

You will find an ad of Faxzero on the cover page if you are using their free fax app service. The free services provided by FaxZero include not more than 3 pages per fax and a limit of 5 free faxes in 24 hours.

In case you want to send more of pages without ad select, various plans of your choice and budget are available in the app.


Now sending faxes is quite easy; you will be given a personal fax number and an email alert when you receive a fax.

You can either use the limited free fax services or select the package which best suits your needs.

These free fax apps make sending of faxes even easier. These free fax apps support all types of documents i.e., Word, Excel, PowerPoint, image and more.