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Got Free Fax is a free online fax service through which you can send free faxes to the US continental states, Canada, Hawaii and Alaska. Through this online faxing system, you can send faxes from anywhere in the world with the aid of an internet connection. The fax cover page of Got Free Fax is Ad-free. No Ads are added to this page; however, a person can use his own fax cover page by disabling the no Ad-free fax cover page of this service. Although allows you to send faxes to US continental states only, you can send faxes to more than 200 states, with the aid of international fax service.

How it Works is a free online fax, which can be availed only if a person has an internet connection. It requires no online fax software and the procedure of sending and receiving faxes is extremely simple and plain. Their free fax service allows you to send two faxes each day, with the length of three pages per fax. It also allows you to use an Ad-free cover page, which can be changed if the user wishes to.

This free online fax usually recognizes all common fax number formats. Among the various file formats, it supports PDF, Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx) and Rich Text (.rtf). No other file format is supported as of now by this online fax service. If someone wishes to send hard copies, a scanner or a digital camera scan is required to scan the documents.

To send faxes through this free online fax service, you just need to fill up the required fields, comprising of the sender’s and receiver’s info.

Payment options offers a free fax service and certain paid services like premium pay-per-fax service and premium/business prepaid fax service. In all these services, the basic features remain the same, but more number of faxes can be sent and received. The amount is usually paid through Paypal (online payment) and therefore, the financial transaction remains secure. Got free fax has no access to the user’s financial information. The rates are usually quite affordable. They are like $0.98 for 10 pages, $2.98 for 30 pages and so on. The amount depends on each page.

Certain Advantages

Using this free online fax service has many advantages over normal fax services. All that you need is an internet connection and you can send and receive faxes. Since this is an online fax service, the cost on paper is curtailed. However, is appropriate for those, who do not fax regularly or in large number. It is suitable for people, who need to fax few pages occasionally. They have the benefit of availing their free service. However, if you wish and need to send more than two faxes each day, then you have to sign up for their paid services.

People using this service can rest assured of the security of their faxes. The information and all other related documents are safe and concealed. Data security is the company’s top most priority. The servers are devised by engineers and are all secured by gateway anti-virus. Thus, for people willing to avail this service, is an extremely attractive offer. Now send faxes with this online faxing service with ease!

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