k7 Fax Service Review With Faxaway

The fax machine and paper is on their way out, thanks to the sudden invention of free online fax service schemes by several companies around the world. The low usage costs, almost a negligible maintenance cost and free offers have propelled the growth of online fax software services in the market.

Faxaway – a Subsidiary of K7

Faxaway is one of the finest Internet fax and voice mail service providers. It has been there since 1995 and has been successful in surpassing customer satisfaction over the years. There are certain schemes that are made available by Faxaway, a subsidiary of K7. These include outgoing emails to fax and fax broadcasting from email service, free incoming voicemail and fax services, no download for software and system requirements needed. If you have just an email account, then you may start the faxing services.

Process of faxing

When you register for Faxaway services, you will be provided with a free inbound fax number. You can forward this number to your family, friends, relatives and business associates so that they can fax you on this number. You can also receive voicemail via this number. This makes Faxaway a unified messaging service. All inbound faxes will appear directly at your desktop.

To send a fax, an email is required. You can then send the email along with necessary attachments to the recipient at recipient-fax-number@faxaway.com and then send it. This email arrives at the Faxaway’s node in the US and then from there it is sent to the proper destination.

What Comes Free

At Faxaway for setting up a Faxaway account is free of cost and nothing is charged. Your Faxaway account can be accessed by 250 email users of your choice at no extra cost. You are provided with a number for all your incoming faxes at zero cost. After you have created an account successfully, you are provided with this number. Free online fax services to U.S. 800,866,877 and 888 numbers are provided.

Paid Services

Faxaway is present in almost all countries of the world. From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe and Australia to the US, Faxaway’s worldwide presence proves the popularity of its services. There are different rates for outgoing faxes. The rate may range from 0.11US$ to 2.69US$. All rates are shown for a 1-minute duration fax calls which is the minimum. After this deduction, all deductions will be made on a 6 second duration intervals.

For account maintenance, a small monthly charge of 1$ is required. On enrolling with a credit card, a 10$ fixed deposit is charged.

There are certain features that are provided by Faxaway that help the users to save time. There is a FaxBack feature that helps the users to send the same document a repeated number of times. Now, this helps to store the company information, history and product information. Broadcast faxing helps to send a fax service to thousands of recipients in a single step. The users can also customize their fax pages by either adding the company logo or contact information. All major credit cards are accepted, thus making the billing an easy and simple affair.

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