HelloFax Chrome Extension – Send 50 Fax Pages Free In A Month

Google Chrome is now offering HelloFax application to grow its document and fax services. When you setup your Gmail account, you may make and store digital faxes with Google Drive. These documents could be sent with the implementation of Google Chrome extension of HelloFax. This guide will train you the way to transmit faxes from Gmail.

The HelloFax Chrome extension has managed to get easy to send fax from google Chrome browser itself. This extension enables you to definitely immediately send and receive free faxes, in addition to providing you with the opportunity to get documents electronically signed. Furthermore, HelloFax links track of third-party services for example Google Drive, permitting you to definitely rapidly and simply import and fax documents from the cloud.

Special Offers From HelloFax For New ACCOUNTS ONLY:  This offers are for 50 free fax pages every month, for six mnts!  If you have a HelloFax or HelloSign account you aren’t qualified with this offer.

Method of using HelloFax Chrome Extension

To begin using HelloFax, mind to their official Google Chrome extension page and add some extension for your browser.

By installing the HelloFax Application, you could have the functionality of HelloFax with any file inside your Google Drive folder. Fax or sign any document inside your Google Drive by choosing the “Open with HelloFax” within the right-click menu.

After integrating with HelloFax, you’ll obtain a HelloFax folder inside your Google Drive account.  This folder is going to be instantly populated together with your inbound and outgoing faxes, along with your signed documents and signature demands.


Once effectively added, you’ll have the ability to access HelloFax by your new tab page.

Upon opening HelloFax the very first time, you’ll be requested to sign in making use of your Google Account, which enables you to definitely skip any dire and unnecessary register processes.

After signing in, you’ll be given a simple menu, permitting you to select between fax needed a document, and asking for an electronic signature. Both of these benefits from the core purposes of the HelloFax Chrome extension.

By clicking “Fax Document”, you’ll be forwarded to a webpage which allows you to definitely upload the document you want to fax, together with the fax number. You be capable of import documents from Google Drive, Evernote, and so on.


When your fax is able to go, you can just hit “Send it Now”.

Furthermore, you could get faxes via this site simply by entering their email for faxes to become submitted to, organize your submitted documents and configure general configurations. many of these choices are accessible through the left-hands side bar.

Alternatively, should you click “Request Signature”, you are able to upload or import documents which have to be signed, then what they are called and emails of whomever must sign the document. You may even incorporate a short message to transmit together with the fax, to possibly leave instructions.

When your fax is able to send, you are able to click on the “Request Signature” button.

Overall, HelloFax offers probably the most simple, effective and reliable online fax needed solutions on the web, and definitely on Google Chrome. The simplicity of not needing to register or subscribe can make it attractive to anybody searching to transmit or get a quick fax, may it be a 1-off, or perhaps a more regular event.

Despite only offering 50 free fax pages before costs are requested, HelloFac will a wonderful job of simplifying the fax needed process, from your Chrome browser. Lengthy the days are gone of physical fax machines and copiers, and when this extension has anything to say of it, the thought of needing to register online for online fax needed solutions may be gone soon.

Regardless, whether you’re searching for a fast, online for free fax needed solution for a number of faxes, or else you just desire to send or get a one-off fax, HelloFax is unquestionably worth keeping around.

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