FaxZero: Send Fax From Computer Without Phone Line

With FaxZero one can send fax from computer without phone line. Sending messages or documents through fax is a common in the day to day affair in every business. There are, however, problems related to fax machines and other related appliances, which cannot be foretold. Furthermore, there is a maintenance cost of them. So, the online faxing system is a great revolution which has taking over the business world due to its sheer hassle free benefits.

How it Works

There is no need to buy a fax machine, no requirements of phone-line maintenance and no installation of software is at all necessary. So, if you use Fax Zero there is absolutely no investment cost involved. FaxZero, an online fax service was introduced in the year 2006 which was wonderful creation by SavetzPublishing.com. FaxZero allows sending a one page free internet fax, online from their website. Most importantly, it permits one to send MsWord documents which are in PDF, DOC and DOCX formats. Just writing the sender name and the receiver details and then agreeing to the terms and conditions will enable you to send faxes. You will also have to write the confirmation code. A confirmation by email will be sent to the sender’s address and then the mail will be sent. The email confirmation is related to FaxZero terms of service. The user has to vow, not to use it for sending advertising, or any other abusive material.


Advantages of FaxZero

Worrying about sending fax and the cost involved. Here is FaxZero which has you covered in regard to cost, it is free and the good news is that thee is no need of signing up at all. Without doubt FaxZero is one of the best services around to help you faxing once

FaxZero permits sending faxes with the help of a computer and an internet connection only and if required a scanner, if the documents are not saved in the computer. There is absolutely no requirement for registration and so there is no need to worry about that lengthy process in this free online fax service.

Moreover, there is absolutely not cost involved in sending fax anywhere in the US or Canada.

FaxZero fax services suit them perfectly whose requirement is sending fax occasionally. There is a limitation of three pages. When your requirement is more, say eight, it will be better if you split the fax into two separate faxes and thereby keep sending faxes free of cost.


There are two options in FaxZero which you shall get to know by visiting the website. The first option is free and no signing up is required, the second option it will cost you $1.99 per fax. The benefit is that, in the second option also, there is no requirement of signing up.

Thus if you are in a habit of faxing once a while and plan your fax by splitting it up when it exceeds the free faxing limit of three pages, then the experience of FaxZero will no doubt be a refreshing as well as convenient one.

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    1. If you are sending there free option you can send 5 fax per day. The pages limitation is 3 pages. And if you are sending fax with premium account the pages increases to 15 page and unlimited fax per day.

      Hope this will help.

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