PamFax – Free Fax Software To Send And Receive Fax Online

PamFax is definitely a free to use application that allows one to send faxes around the globe with an ADSL web connection – no phone line is required!

Searching for an easy and affordable means to fix send and receive faxes? PamFax has everything: easy to use and fully integrated with Skype, Home windows Explorer, Macosx Pier, and much more. Easy to use wizard makes delivering a fax very simple via simple to use fax software, send faxes from Word/Stand out/Outlook, easy payment. No monthly cost: pay only the web pages you fax. Receive faxes in your local personal fax number (obtainable in many nations).

Before applications like PamFax, to transmit a fax you possessed to complete 1 of 2 things – come with an analog telephone connection along with a program like Fax Machine, or to use your footwear and drive towards the nearest physical fax machine.

Don’t walk sit back relax and fax – this clever application combines perfectly with Skype and Microsoft ‘office’, and really is easy to make use of. Actually, the only real factor to keep in mind when utilizing PamFax is that you will have to pay for the (very affordable) price of the fax.


To be able to prove its worth, PamFax allows you signal the first three pages totally free. Next, the transmission of the page costs between €0.07 and €0.11, based on what plan you subscribe to. Also keep in mind which you can use PamFax when needed, however it proves cheaper should you subscribe to an agenda. You may also use a part of your Skype Credit on PamFax.

From the practical perspective, PamFax is extremely intuitive and easy to use. Additionally, it has a host of handy features, like the opportunity to receive limitless faxes, careful analysis utilize it online or on your hard drive and also the choice to send multiple documents in a single fax. Additionally, it looks after a full record of the fax background and processing, so you’ll have the ability to keep an eye on your documents exactly like you did whenever you used a classic-fashioned fax machine!

Do online faxing with ease and charm with PamFax.

Recent changes

  1.     Send a fax in a preset date/time
  2.     Removing multiple faxes from history
  3.     Junk e-mail filter for incoming faxes
  4.     Two new nations for fax amounts (Nigeria   Portugal)

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